How To Become a Ticket Broker

How is it that I can make money selling Event tickets:

You would like to become a Ticket Broker (Also we are sometimes referred to by a less desirable name which is a Ticket Scalper), but you just don’t know how to become one.Well, Ask yourself, Have you ever tried to get tickets to a sold out Event ? How did you go about it ? You probably went to a well known ticket reselling site such as EBay or Stubhub etc. You’ll find that you can buy tickets, but at a much higher price than you would have paid through Ticketmaster or other ticket selling sites. One common question asked would be "Is this legal ?" The answer is Yes, it most definitely is legal. Then you wonder, "Why can’t I do this ?" And the answer is simple. Yes you can.

Do I need a special Ticket Broker License to become a ticket broker?

Ticket brokers usually just have a business license. Some do not have a license at all because they are just starting up and are buying a small quantity that they are buying and reselling but you might also need to have a license specific to ticket brokering, depending on the state you live in. You can get help with this information from other brokers in our ticket broker community.

Why do people pay extra money for Event Tickets:

Many times events have higher demand than supply, meaning more people want to go to an event than there are available tickets. Also, you will find, for non-sold out events, people will pay more for very good seats. This is when comes in handy for you.

How does Prediction Pros help you:

Our Professionals have a widely based knowledge on what Concert, Sporting, Theatre and other Entertainment Events will make money for you. Our Pros will make daily predictions on what events and seats you should buy to make you money. We’ll guide you all along the way to help you start and become a successful Ticket Broker. Follow our advice and watch the money come rolling in.

How do Ticket Brokers get such good seats:

You buy your tickets just the same way any customer buys tickets. You use the same sites such as Ticketmaster and Livenation to purchase tickets in either a presale or a public onsale. will also point out various types of presales in which you obtain a password and use it a couple days earlier in a "presale" to purchase tickets before the public onsale. Often, these presales have great tickets available. Anyone can use these passwords for an early shot at tickets, but not the average customer is aware that presales happen. Also, Public onsales may also have good seats available. Sometimes it is just luck of the draw and the right timing while searching a public onsale in an attempt to get good seats. More times than not, whether it be a presale or a public onsale, you end up with good tickets that will make money for you. Again, It’s all in the quality seats and types of events you buy, so let guide you and show you how to make good buys to make that extra money and not bad ones.

How much money do I need to buy and sell tickets:

The answer is, not much at all. You can start with spending as little as $100 or less for a pair of tickets, resell them for money and begin building a bankroll of profits from there. Many successful Ticket Brokers started with very little money and have come to the point where they make enough money in the Ticketing Industry to now sell tickets as a full time job.

How do I get the most Bang for my Buck:

This is a good question. Not only is the quality of seats important, but so is how you price them. When being in the ticketing business, you will often hear the term "Undercutter" An Undercutter is someone who prices their tickets much lower than the tickets/seats are worth. Through you’ll learn how to competitively price tickets, and make the most "Bang for your Buck!"

How do I know this isn’t a scam:

Hundreds to thousands of ticket brokers are out there selling tickets and making money every day. Have a look for yourself. Search EBay, Stubhub etc. for tickets for various events. Google tickets for hot artists, sports and all kinds of popular events. Look at all the Ticket Brokers out there reselling tickets. This could be you. So, Why not?

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